Process Technology Fertilizer Stabilization and Blending Systems

The effective automation and optimization of various processes

INPAKT has various, innovative, and customised solutions when it comes to automation and optimisation. We fulfil your needs when it comes to things like silo filling, bag filling, dynamic weighing, continuous mixing, and much more.

Our systems are designed to handle granular fertiliser blends in a gentle manner. The machinery allows for precision when it comes to all materials, including liquid inhibitors. An innovative continuous flow mixer handles the coating process.

Mixer Technology

Continuous flow and gentle handling is what sets INPAKT’s mixer technology apart, allowing you to achieve a homogenous final product. The mixer consists of paddles that flow in opposite directions, ensuring that the granules do not experience any damage.

The Difference

There are other options (including screw conveyor mixers) that do also offer you continuous flow. But what really makes our technology different is the gentle handling. Without gentle handling granules can be crushed and this can affect the quality of the final product.

Other methods can also be far more time consuming as they are not continuous and this can affect your profit margins as well as product quality.

Stabilisation / Inhibitor Application Technology

A spraying mechanism and dosing pump is used to add the liquid inhibitor into the mixer. This is done with extreme accuracy. There is a stabilisation control feature in place that tracks the product flow as well as the coating liquid.

Silo Technology

We have technology that is specifically designed for silos and the flow and handling of materials, taking into account the unique shape of silos as well as integrated scale, motorised silo openings, and level measurement.

Blending Technology

Blending from multiple silos is possible in various ratios to produce fertiliser blends. Each silo is individually real-time controlled to achieve the set point ratio in the blend.

Unparalleled Quality

The technology and machinery that we offer at INPAKT has unparalleled quality. All of our components are of a cutting edge quality, so that our machines are reliable, safe, and allowing for impressive productivity when used correctly. You enjoy low maintenance, easy cleaning, and very little downtime.

Automated Process Control

Automation is essential if you want your system to run in the most effective way possible. The only time an operator is ever needed is when it comes to recipe selection. The system is monitored and adjustments automatically take place for optimisation. A touch screen allows for ease of use.

24/7 Support

INPAKT is always available for troubleshooting through our teleservice. We offer this support for the entire lifespan of our machines.

Storage or Packaging Solution

We offer a wide range of different packaging solutions for your fertiliser needs, including temporary storage, and end final product packaging

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