Bottling & Packaging Plants For Hot & Cold Fill Beverages

The hot fill system is typically used for various types of beverages such as isotonic sport drinks, and teas, utilizes product recycling between filler and flash pasteuriser or external recycling tank, and special design filling valves to keep a constant product temperature during filling.

Product is filled into either glass, Heat-Set PET and heat resistant cans.

Depending on the requirements, the line is provided with bottle turnover system for cap sterilisation followed by a cooling or pasteurising tunnel.

All contact parts and circuits are designed to enable a thorough CIP (cleaning in place) process.

The Hot Filling line is also suitable for cold fill products.

Semi and fully automatic solutions based on tailor-made filling equipment complemented with depalletizers, labeling machines, inline control devices and all available options for bottle handling/conveying and for end of line equipment.

Production Capacity: 1000 bottles/hour – 48000 bottles/hour

Filing Systems

Hot filling

Hot filling system suitable for juices and isotonic beverages.
The principle of operation is similar to the gravity-low vacuum system, however the machine and its filling valves are designed to allow product recirculation in the tank and in the filling valves themselves in order to keep the constant filling temperature even in the eventuality of a machine stop.


With the hot fill technology it is possible to fill up to 90°C, guaranteeing a constant filling temperature and filling level accuracy.

Low vacuum-gravity

Low vacuum-gravity filling systems are recommended for still, non-dense products such as for example still water, wine, alcoholic beverages (vodka, whiskey, brandy, etc), chemical products and generically any kind of flat non viscous liquids.


Various models of filling valves are available within this category, specifically designed to cater for the filling level requirements, bottle shape, neck shape and product.


Several optional features are available such as the “millimetric adjustment of the filling level” controlled directly from the user interface panel, air return outside the filling tank (to avoid the air from the bottles contaminating the product in the filler bowl), centralized level regulation and more.

Electronic flow meter 

Electronic flow meter filling system.

These systems assure maximum dosing precision and do not require any maintenance.


Thanks to the extremely small number of functional elements, the filling machine can be sanitized very easily and the Electronic Volumetric filling allows optimized filling under a microbiological profile.


The system works without pressure in the bottle and with a light positive pressure inside the filler bowl, allowing to process both high density and liquid products in containers of different materials.


The filling is controlled by the PLC that gives the go-ahead to start the filling when the sensor detects the presence of the bottles.
The electronic dosing devices with mass or magnetic flow meters show that the preset filling volume has been reached and control the closing of the valve, allowing a dosing precision of 0,2%.


As a result we obtain a precise volumetric filling and a microbiological safety.

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