Bottling & Packaging Plants For Beverages

Counterpressure-Volumetric Flowmeter-Electro-pneumatic system for carbonated and still drinks in a  can.
Can filling / seaming monoblock is based on counter-pressure filling technology, suitable for filling carbonated and still beverages in aluminium cans. The machine is designed to rinse cans with CO2 or other inert gas, fill them with product and finally seam the lids. The use of electro-pneumatic filling valves and seamer manufactured by sector leading companies makes of this machine a perfect solution for the low/high capacity lines (from 3,000 up to 50,000 cph).

Products: beer, carbonated and still water, carbonated and still soft drinks, sparkling and still wine, ready to drink.

Formats: two-pieces aluminium cans, Lids from size 200 to 206, volume from 200 ml to 1.000 ml.

Optimal settings for all filling parameters (flushing, evacuating, pressurization, filling, snifting…).

All filling parameters remain unchanged; always stay the same; they do not depend on the capacity of the machine, as for classical mechanical fillers.

Entry level for craft beverages up to 2000 cans per hour

Our canning machines for small productions are fully automatic electronic machines complete with electropneumatic counterpressure filler and a single-head seamer with automatic lid dispensing system suitable to process different types of products such as beer, cider, soft drinks, wine, etc.

The machines can also be supplied with integrated rinsing unit if required.
The filling unit is completely programmable from the HMI Interface in all its phases, in fact it is possible to program multiple Co2 flushing of the can, filling time and multiple snifting (degassing) operations, thus allowing to adapt the machine’s process to the type of product, its temperature and pressure.

Furthermore it is possible to memorize in the PLC the recipes for each product to be canned.

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